Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Really, NBC?

I've always enjoyed watching winter sports, although my attempts at trying them were disastrous. When I tried to learn to ski I fell off the lift and I am so glad my try at skating (on the rink Torville & Dean once trained on) predated cell phone videos. I'll stick to horses.

But I remember when I was a small child being really annoyed that men got to do ski jumping and women didn't. My annoyance only increased when somebody told me it was "Because it's too dangerous." I guess my feminist sentiments started early.

Women's ski jumping finally became an Olympic sport this year after decades of struggle - and women suing the IOC. The gold was won by a German, Carina Vogt.

Finally. Finally women got to jump in the Olympics, erasing a 90 year old gender inequality.

NBC showed the ski jumping during the day. They then promised to show at least highlights during the prime time show.

Then an American won a gold medal in luge...and this historic moment, fought for for decades by sportswomen and feminists was preempted. To show luge. The decision was made at 8:05pm.

NBC, you have let us down - for the sake of "patriotism." There are things more important than your country's medal count.

Pre-empting something this important broke a promise. It also sent a message that you don't care about the achievements and battles of women. Do you think feminism is something from the past, something no longer needed?

Or is it just that patriotism is more important than anything else to too many people?