Monday, February 17, 2014

Ice Dance

I have a thing for it. It doesn't really fit the rest of my personality. (Really, honestly, most of my favorite sports involve people going as fast as possible via various means of transportation).

But it actually makes sense. I was raised just outside Nottingham, England - the home town of Torville and Dean. I wasn't the only person in love. My entire country was. But I cried when I found out they were married - not to each other! How could the most romantic couple, the prince and princess of winter, not actually be married? (Yeah, I was a little girl. I did have a few typical little girl moments in amongst the tomboy).

Furthermore, I had a childhood friend who was a figure skater. She tried to get me into the sport and hauled me to a handful of skating lessons before giving up on me as hopeless (I was). We skated on the rink. And it wasn't a very good hockey rink. It was what there was.

It was where Torville and Dean started their career. It's gone now - when they became filthy rich from skating in ice shows they paid to tear the place down and replace it with a state of the art ice center (with a proper hockey stadium!)

But I can't quite get away from liking ice dance. Do you have anything you like because it had an impact on your childhood?