Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Stepping Away From Politics.

I know, I don't really write about politics here. But one of the things I've felt more and more as I get older is that political ideologies...just get in the way.

Whether it's the pettiness of refusing to do something because a political opponent thought of it, or the branding of ideas as "liberal," "conservative," "communist," etc, and following only those ones that agree, it all gets in the way of one thing.

True independent thought.

If we're going to build a better future for this planet and everyone on it, then we need to start setting aside these labels and think, instead, about whether an idea or policy actually works. I've talked to dozens of people on both sides, and they have become more and more entrenched. This means good ideas are falling by the wayside.

We need to address the job to population deficit.

We need to address public health and this country's soaring healthcare costs.

We need to start looking at post-capitalist systems - and above all, that's where we have to step away from politics.

There's a reason politics and religion get linked together so much. People are equally dogmatic about both. So, think about it.

Are your politics getting in the way of leading a healthier, happier, and more prosperous life? And, worse, are they getting in the way of allowing other people to do so?