Thursday, January 16, 2014

Feed The World

This is quite fascinating - and it also shows how messed up we still are:

Good Enough To Eat

Oxfam has ranked the countries of the world by how well they feed their people. The criteria?

1. Do people have enough to eat?
2. Can people afford to eat?
3. Is food of good quality?
4. What is the extent of unhealthy outcomes of people's diet?

Best place to eat according to them? The Netherlands.
Worst? Chad (Anyone else not surprised it would be somewhere in sub Saharan Africa?)

More than 840 million people go hungry every day. And we could feed all of them.

And while the USA tied with the Netherlands for food affordability, it didn't do nearly as well on the other measures.

However, we aren't the worst for unhealthy eating, despite the image of the overweight American inhaling burgers. That honor goes to Saudi Arabia, where a third of the population is obese and 18% have diabetes...although people in Kuwait are even fatter.

Guess who ties with Saudi Arabia for second place on obesity alone, though.

Oh, and if you want the best quality food? Iceland, believe it or not. Probably because of all that amazing fish.


Yeah. I thought this was interesting - it also says something that people are going hungry in some places while food is being thrown away in others. How do we fix this?