Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Review: Redeye by Michael Shean

The second book of Michael Shean's Wonderland cycle is slightly better than the first.

It's also a little bit less noir - the first book was from the point of view of a cynical detective. The second enters the head of Bobbi January, who isn't nearly as jaded. She's actually a good female character - not afraid to use her sexuality, extremely competent at what she does.

Which leads me to a minor but annoying issue - please, please Michael, do not create a wonderful female character then, at any point, refer to her as a "hackette." Women flinch at words like that, and for a reason - the 'ette' suffix is commonly seen as belittling. Now, to be fair, this is the biggest problem in the book - but word choice is important these days. I'm not an over-sensitive feminist and it got to me.

That aside - Redeye is a well written cyberpunk/noir thriller, highly dystopian and explaining more of the world introduced in Shadow of a Dead Star. The editing is slightly better (I was thoroughly unimpressed with the editing in the first volume). It's worth it if you're a fan of the genre - Shean tells a good story and his pacing is solid throughout.

Just don't call people hackettes and we're good.

Four stars.