Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Whovian Speculations

Going to take some time to post as a fan.

Moffat has pretty much done it again with "Oswin." I've been trying to work out what she is all season and am completely stumped.

Here are a few theories that have either hit the net or my own head:

1. She's the Doctor's future self. Umm. Nope. Not a chance. Jenna-Louise Coleman is awesome, but the Doctor she is not. And he would recognize himself.

2. River got her regenerations back. She's River. Highly unlikely. I can think of a few ways River could get her regenerations back, but she dies on camera. (Of course, her mind is still in the library. So, maybe?) However, who is the woman who gave Oswin a TARDIS capable phone? Amy's in a time trap, Rose is in another reality, Martha's with Torchwood, Donna doesn't remember the TARDIS. It almost has to be...River. Who knows the rules about meeting yourself coming and going.

3. She's Jenny - the Doctor's cross-sex clone. This one almost makes sense as Jenny demonstrates a partial regeneration in the show. And hasn't been seen since. Except if Jenny can regenerate into herself, I'm pretty sure she'd still look like Jenny. Why change if she doesn't have to.

4. She's actually one of the advanced sentient TARDISes that can appear human. Also unlikely. I doubt very much one TARDIS could fit inside another without something blowing up.

5. She's a regeneration of the Master. To which I would point out...the Doctor would recognize the Master too, after all of their run-ins. Time Lords can spot each other through regenerations.

And every single one of these theories is blown out of the water by the doctor checking on the 21st century Oswin's childhood. He CHECKS. She's not a Time Lord. There's only one instance seen of somebody regenerating into a child and that was River's first regeneration - when she was already a child.

I have a fifth one which isn't quite destroyed by that...that she's River and the Doctor's daughter...this conveniently forgets the plague that rendered everyone on Gallifrey sterile. Or does it? Plenty of ways to combine two people's DNA.

The problem is Oswin doesn't regenerate. She reincarnates. What does that? I can't remember anything that does. (I'm suspecting we'll find out it's something from the classic series. It IS the fiftieth anniversary). She doesn't keep her memories or continuity through incarnations, but she does (like a regenerating Time Lord) keep her "core self". Which is...a mother. Dalek-Oswin makes souffles. Both 19th century and 21st century Oswins care for children. Hrm...maybe that's a clue.

The other clue I can't place is that the TARDIS doesn't like her. Why? The TARDIS has never taken a dislike to a companion before. Could the TARDIS be...jealous?

Anyone got any actual thoughts? This one has me completely stumped...