Wednesday, August 15, 2012

RIP, Joe Kubert

I'm slightly late on this because I had other posts queued.

Joe Kubert made an amazing contribution to the comics industry despite the fact that he rarely drew superheros - his style did not suit what is expected there. Instead, he drew war comics and Tarzan comics. (He did create the classic image of Hawkman).

His legacy does not so much come in his own work, but in the work of others. And that legacy - the Kubert School in Dover, NJ - will long outlast him. It is the only accredited trade school for comic book artists. He will be remembered more as an artist, perhaps, but I feel he should be remembered most as a teacher - inspiring his two sons to continue in his footsteps and hundreds more students to create. I have an incredible respect for artists - I can't do what they do and consider it the 'hard' part of making a comic book. And I know the impact a good teacher can have on a student's work...and on their life.