Friday, August 10, 2012

Progress Report

Going to TRY and do these regularly as I keep having things to actually report.

First of all, the script for the thriller graphic novel Stripped (QEW Publishing) is progressing very well. Most of it is now on the desk of the editor/publisher, with only one segment left to read through and send in. And apparently, artist Jean Dedeaux is 'loving' the script. There's a preliminary sketch for cover art on the QEW Facebook group.

Second, I've written and sent in a second 'Captain's Logs from the Sandbox' RPG supplement. That's also in editorial review.

Third, and the big one. This morning I signed a contract with independent publisher Musa Publishing to publish my science fiction novel Transpecial. If all goes well, we're probably looking at a fall or early winter 2013 release.

In other words. Things are pretty awesome around here.