Thursday, July 12, 2012

I Don't Often Do This

I'm currently in need of a little bit more work. I wouldn't normally post to this blog, but I figured that as it's a 'me' blog anyway...

Here's what I can do:

1. Scripts. I'm working on a graphic novel script right now, I can also do video scripts from an idea or treatment.

2. Articles. As long as the topic isn't too exotic, I can do it. I do have SEO experience, but I prefer not to have to write keyword-stuffed pieces that aren't too human-readable.

3. Proofreading. I'm not an experienced fiction editor (might have to start working on fixing that), but I can help make your manuscript look 'clean' and find grammatical errors and the like...and I'll proofread anything.

I'm also always looking for other writers, preferably speculative fiction, willing to do beta trades with me...I have a couple of novels I'm struggling to get read, so if anyone wants to trade, let me know!