Monday, July 2, 2012


I want to move somewhere cooler. Somewhere where summer is something I can appreciate rather than endure. Kinda tired of having to go to the store as soon as I get up in the vain hope of getting back before it's too hot to move out.

Ah well. At least I have power...the mother of all storms came through over the weekend. Our power survived, but it took out our a/c. Also, we apparently didn't have 911 service (fortunately we didn't need it) for several hours. Some people still don't have it.

Pepco, one of the major reasons I don't live in Maryland, is saying they MIGHT have everyone's power back by Friday. With highs not dipping below 95 all week, that's really not acceptable. There are still traffic signals out all over DC. Half a million people still don't have powers. Dominion are also saying some people might have to wait until the weekend.

All of this makes me think of some of the predictions of what might happen if we got a major solar storm. Some predictions say people may be without power for literally months because power companies don't keep enough transformers on hand to replace the number that might blow. (Maker people, what would it take to set up a facility to fab them?).

I'm lucky...if I didn't have a/c right now I wouldn't be able to work. I'd probably be in the pool as the only tolerable location. Well, actually, it's not too bad. 'Only' 88 with 42 percent humidity. Neither of those numbers are heading in the right direction.

Again. I want to move somewhere cooler, but I'm really feeling quite lucky right now.