Monday, July 11, 2011

Things that make me go squee...

...even though I'm not that good at writing them.




At Origins, the hotel we were staying in was also hosting a meeting salesmen.

Stereotypical insurance salesman in suit gets on elevator.

Two slightly overweight men in gamer chic get on elevator. He kinda looks at them.

Guy in white lab coat gets on elevator. He stares.

Woman in full pirate garb, head to toe, including dagger gets on elevator. His jaw drops and he turns pale.

I. Win. (No, it was not sharp and yes, it was peace bonded. I need my own pirate gear. Or steampunk gear. Or, you know, steampunk pirate gear).

So, I will stop squeeing about steampunk pirates now and go back to work. The latest novel is almost officially a novel...