Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another loss...

Elizabeth Taylor is dead. The thing here is that there are some people who become caricatures of themselves (Tom Cruise comes to mind). Then there are some who become, I don't know, icons of themselves.

Liz some ways became both. Many people who think of her focus on 'She got married HOW many times?' Others see the beauty she was as a young woman. But there's one clear thing...she was completely unforgettable. Totally. And perhaps her sexuality was an important and key part of that. Perhaps it was part of the image she generated for herself. Or perhaps she simply was that flighty when it came to men.

We'll never know. Maybe she'll never know herself. But there's something else...Liz Taylor was a character, in the story of the real world. She was something special and it's right to keep on remembering her, for good reasons and bad.