Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Farpoint Roundup

Con went well. It was so nice to be in a competent hotel (The Hunt Valley is not my favorite, but at least they can handle, you know, basic level hospitality).


The guy in an inflatable T-Rex suit singing "A Red Solo Cup." ONLY at Farpoint.
Jay Justice. Some people improve the entire con just by wheeling in.
Matt Frewer's little stunt in the auction. Which he did not warn the con about. (Let's just say it ended with money being thrown at the auctioneer). Basically just Matt Frewer.
The genderbending panel - went very well and zero trolls.


The clown who thought it would be funny to throw a bad pickup line at me while in costume. Really, people. I expect better from the Farpoint crowd. And mostly get it, I'd note, but there's always one.

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