Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sisterhood of the Blade

Like swashes being buckled and buckles being swashed?

Like it even more when it's ladies doing these things?

How about a re-imagining of the Three Musketeers - a new anthology from Battlefield Press edited by Hal Greenburg and featuring stories by Ed Greenwood, Rachel Venture and, of course, myself. (I can't reveal details. Yet).

If you want this to happen we have a kickstarter active right now.

For $25 you will get the anthology in both paperback and electronic formats. And you can also order some add-ons - for even more cool fiction from Battlefield Press.

And if you really want to splash out we're offering a limited number of Tuckerizations for $150 each (names may be tweaked to sound like they belong in the 17th century ;)).

(Note this is not a fantasy anthology - it's pure alternate history and pulp fun).