Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Thoughts on "Passengers"

Hrm. Passengers is relatively unusual - a true science fiction film that is not based on anything.

It stars Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence as two passengers on a colony ship who are woken prematurely from cryogenic suspension by a malfunction - ninety years from their destination and with no way to go back into stasis.

Of course, they have to save the ship...and of course there's romance. (Possibly too much for my personal taste - but original science fiction movies are so rare I will probably give it a chance anyway).

The trailer hints at a character-focused feel, but also gives some spectacular visuals. I'm not sure about the design of the colony ship: Also, if everyone is asleep, why is there gravity? (And the plot might hint at why you wouldn't want everyone to be asleep...or at least if you did you might just want a really good AI to run the ship in your absence).

But it's definitely intriguing. It's described as "romantic" so I trust in a happy ending. But it also seems to have some drama to it.

Release date: December 21.