Thursday, March 10, 2016

Shout Out: Ragnarok and Roll by Keith DiCandido

Yes, this is shameless cross promotion for Making Fate.

DiCandido's Ragnarok and Roll is a collection of short stories about Cassie Zukav, who discovers she's a Norse goddess incarnate right as she also finds out Loki is trying to trigger Ragnarok through bad rock and roll.

It gets even more entertaining from there. The stories are linked, in continuity, and set in an unusual location for contemporary fantasy - Key West. With diving. DiCandido uses a concept not dissimilar from American Gods - the old trope that gods are empowered by belief and are weak in our modern world. They're very well written. I have one nit - DiCandido falls for a common confusion between Disir (female ancestral spirits that watch over their descendants) and Norns (fate goddesses)...and also forgets both are always female. But this is such a common lore mistake that I can forgive it, and it's not like I'm perfect on the matter ;). (It's always worth remembering these things are works of fiction. Especially when you get to the last story...)

But I still highly recommend it, even if I am shamelessly cross-promoting.