Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Okay, I'll be leaving tomorrow and may not have time to post, so here's a reminder.

I'll be there for the full length of the con. I will have a limited number of paperback copies of both Transpecial and The Silent Years Compendium for sale if you approach me during a signing or during the Farpoint Book Fair (10pm on Friday night). I may also have some books in the dealer room.

Depending on interest, I may read from the book I'm currently editing, Shadowwalkers (urban fantasy/paranormal romance, guaranteed no sparkly vampires).

If you are an ebook only person and still want a signature, I will be signing cover flats on request. There is no charge for autographs unless you're purchasing a book.

Both books will be at a convention special price of $10 plus tax.

And if you just want to chat with me, I'll be there, although I'd ask that people don't try to corner me after my 6pm signing session on Friday so I can get my stuff back to my room and change quickly for the cocktail party.