Friday, January 29, 2016

Farpoint Schedule!

I have my schedule for Farpoint. Like all convention schedules it's subject to potential last minute alteration, but here it is as of right now.

Friday, 4pm: Writing The Other (Writing characters outside your experience, writing different gender, race, sexuality, culture, etc).
Friday, 6pm: Autograph session in the FARP-Books Lounge.

Saturday, 10am: Did The Force Awaken, or Just Hit The Snooze? (We'll be discussing the new movie and how it did).
Saturday, 11am: Reading with Peter David and Joseph Berenato
Saturday, 1pm: The isms in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Saturday, 8pm: Writing Inclusively vs. Token Characters

Sunday, 10am: 50 Years Past & Future - talking about the last fifty years of science fiction and how it might change in the future.
Sunday, noon: Autograph session in the FARP-Books Lounge.

I will have a limited number of books available for sale at the convention. If you prefer ebooks, I will also be signing cover flats for both Transpecial and The Silent Years. There is no charge for autographs (unless you're buying a book, of course).

You should also be able to track me down at the opening night cocktail party, randomly around the hotel or at the Ten Forward Dance Party (although I plan on looking a little bit...different ;)).