Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Upgrade Flash

Interrupting this blog for a PSA.

A company called Hacking Team was, well hacked. These people look for exploits in popular software...then sell them to governments, possibly including repressive regimes.

Amongst the leaked documents was a Flash exploit that they never reported to Adobe (thanks, guys) - along with a cheat sheet for properly using it.

Unless you are on the very latest version of Flash (ends in .203 for Windows and Mac users), you're vulnerable. The leak also included a Windows kernel exploit that would allow people to use this bug to take control of your computer.

Even if you're not on Windows, it can hijack your browser and send you somewhere you don't want to go - such as a bad porn site or to download a trojan.

And most people have not had .203 pushed to them. So, please, update your Flash (or disable it until the patch is pushed out). Google has said they are in the process of pushing a patch to Chromebooks.

If you can't upgrade, disable Flash until the patch is in place.