Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Outta Here

Well. I'm leaving for RavenCon tomorrow fairly early, so probably won't post before I go.

I'll be in Richmond until some time on Monday and probably come back not wanting to do anything but sleep. (Looking at my schedule, sleep? I can sleep or party, and I can't party at home!)

As a reminder, here is my schedule:

5 pm (Panel) When I was 10 years old, Yoda was a puppet! / Room C
7 pm (Opening Ceremony) Rooms E & F
11 pm (Panel) The Slow Death of Dungeons & Dragons / Chesterfield


9 am (Panel) 12’s Debut: Peter Capaldi’s 1st Dr Who season / Room F
11 am (Panel) Troll Hunting / Room E
2 pm (Panel) Why Science Fiction Matters / Room F
4 pm (Presentation/Workshop) Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading / Chesterfield
10 pm (Reading) Boardroom
11 pm (Panel) Representations of Gender in Graphic Literature / Bon Air


10 am (Panel) Buffy: Looking Back / Bon Air
Noon (Soapbox) Writers & Movie Directors Are Wrong About Horses / Boardroom
2 pm (Panel) Stupid Superhero Powers / York

I will be bringing coupons good for a free copy of The Silent Years: Mother. If you're interested in the series, please look me up at the con and I'll gladly hand one over. The coupons take the form of Smashwords redemption codes.