Monday, September 22, 2014

NASA Fashion?

Science fiction writers like to put characters in skin-tight spacesuits that just kind of pull on.

Real spacesuits are, of course, hideously bulky affairs that  are hard to maneuver in and probably hideously uncomfortable.

A lady named Dava Newman at MIT has the answer - spring-like coils that can sustain a pressure next to your skin that's equal to what you need to survive in space. They're still working on it, but the skintight, elegant spacesuit (that, of course, shows off your female character's curves) is probably not far in the future.

The direct pressure "active compression" suit will also save large amounts of space during launches (when astronauts wear pressure suits in case of emergency), and allow for much, much easier maneuvering on the moon...or Mars, where less pressure support is needed.

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