Thursday, August 14, 2014

Robin Williams

Night at the Museum.  Bicentennial Man. Good Will Hunting. Hook. Dead Poets Society. Good Morning, Vietnam. Mork & Mindy. The list goes on.

Robin Williams was a very funny man...but also a very sad one. He suffered from bipolar disorder - a mental health condition that is characterized by periods of high mood and activity and deep depression. And on August 11, during a particularly bad bout with the latter, he took his own life.

The reaction from his fans was despair and grief. But that's not the only reaction I saw.

Zelda Williams was driven off of social media by "trolls" who decided to blame her for her father's death.

And on social media I actually saw an individual, who shall remain nameless, forward a Youtube video about why Robin Williams is in hell now.

Celebrity suicides happen. It's a high pressure business and sometimes people are driven over the edge even without an underlying condition. In this case, Williams died, essentially, of bipolar disorder.

But I have never seen this level of hate aimed at the person...and worse, their family. What is wrong with us?

What kind of person reacts to somebody's death like that? I don't know...but I'm more saddened by these reactions than the initial tragedy. Some days I honestly just don't want to admit to being the same species as some so-called human beings.