Monday, December 30, 2013

Doctor Who Christmas Special (SPOILERS)

Well, I only cursed Moffatt out...two or three times. That's a relatively low number. I know quite a few people don't like him, but I'm not in that group.

The episode's one real flaw is that it was a little busy - a bit too much crammed into it. That aside, it definitely had some classic Who moments.

And how did aged Matt Smith look like Hartnell? That was brilliant...and makes me wonder if it wasn't part of the plan when he was cast. With modern computer simulation...

And yes, the events in Name of the Doctor were time broken. I have a theory on that, which I'll list with my "theories" below. The Doctor was "supposed" to die at Trenzalore. In some ways he did.

One fan theory was disproven - River did not give the Doctor her remaining regenerations. I sort of liked that, but it wasn't a big deal. I know a few fans were annoyed that the "partial" regeneration counted, but hey...I think a full new set of 12 will last us a good while. (Rumors aside, I just don't see Capaldi only staying in the TARDIS for one year...and I think once he's stopped playing the main guy he'll stay involved with the show - he's a major fan and a highly talented director. I'd love to see him try things out on the other side of the camera).

Oh, and he had me at kidneys.


Two theories I'm going to put out there in writing:

1. Trenzalore. Broken timelines. Technically, Trenzalore was a fixed point thanks to the Doctor visiting his own tomb - so, how did they change it? My explanation: Clara. When the Supreme Intelligence jumped into the Doctor's timeline he was able to start unraveling it. Clara dived in after him, and because of that she (and only she) was able to change the Doctor's revealed future. Thus, when Clara asked the Time Lords for help, she was simply "running to save the Doctor" one more time.

2. Tasha Lem. Here's where I'm sticking my neck out.

This is the first time we've seen "Mother Superior" Tasha Lem, but the Doctor clearly knows her...and, of course, there's precedent for that. There's flirting and some sexual chemistry going on between them.

Her altar is a bed. Or her bed is an altar. And she clearly wants the Doctor in that bed, and one doesn't get the impression he's arguing that much. Which, as we all know...isn't exactly common for the Doctor.

It's the Church of the Papal Mainframe.

When she's fighting the Dalek takeover, the Doctor tells her she can do it because "you've been fighting the psychopath within you all this time."


My wild, out there theory.

Tasha Lem is, in fact:

River Song.

(Thoughts? Flames?)