Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Is the Yeti a bear?

According to a British researcher - yes. The Abominable Snowman appears to be, based off of DNA testing of a number of samples, a species of bear - possibly a grizzy bear/polar bear hybrid.

On the face of it - this makes sense. A lot of sense. Many of the traits ascribed to both the Yeti and its New World cousin the Sasquatch fit "bear." Peaceful unless disturbed, able to walk on two legs like a man, lots of shaggy fur. However, other scientists have questioned his methods; samples sent through the regular mail, etc. Also, the number of samples with intact DNA was relatively low - only 27.

I personally buy it because it makes sense...but it seems that the quest to identify the Yeti may not be over yet.

Or perhaps it is. What do people think? IS the Yeti simply a species of Ice Age bear, surviving as a relic population in the high mountains?

It works for me...