Monday, February 25, 2013


I love George R.R. Martin...although not quite as much as my husband, who genuinely believes he's the best currently active speculative fiction writer in the world.

My love affair started before I knew who he was. I don't go for romances. I don't really like love stories that much. Or even love songs. There was one notable exception. A little American show called "Beauty and the Beast". (My nostalgia for it is such that I can't bring myself to watch the remake). That show was amazing. Beyond amazing. But I didn't know who to hold responsible for it until my husband handed me "Windhaven".

From then on...hooked. I might not go quite as far as Greg does, but I do think he is a quite excellent writer. I just finished reading the second volume of his "Dreamsongs" collection.

So, why am I tearing my hair out?

Windhaven, in collaboration with Lisa Tuttle, was up there for his best work. Possibly better than A Song of Ice and Fire - although hard to compare. Tuttle has done nothing I've found worth mentioning since.



He and Lisa started a sequel to Windhaven.

They didn't finish it!

Apparently it was a combination of Tuttle having another project and Martin's chronic Too Many Ideas Syndrome. (Why is ASoIaF taking so long to finish? Hint, it's not just because he's slow).

Don't worry, George. You still get a drink if I ever bump into you in a convention bar.