Monday, October 8, 2012

Marketing Yourself

I've been thinking about this a fair bit lately. I can be blunt, I have very strong opinions, and sometimes I wonder if I should moderate them. I do want to be somebody people want to buy from, after all.

However, I think it is very important for authors to be genuine. I don't mean we should all act like the infamous Harlan Ellison, but mincing around and being 'politically correct' just makes you fade into the background (something I'd long to do - I'm shy - but know I can't get away with).

Be yourself. Talk about what matters to you. It's probably good to be careful about politics and religion...but not too careful. Remember that a political viewpoint will probably attract as many readers as it puts off. (And some people won't care what your politics are, anyway).

I think you need to be genuine, accessible (not saying you should put your entire life out there, but letting fans have some contact is a good idea) and polite, don't insult people even if they really ask for it. Everyone is a potential fan and a potential customer, even the people you think are being idiots. (And we all think people are idiots on occasion, and are thought of as idiots, that's just part of human nature.

Oh, and be confident. That's another thing I struggle with. But if you don't come over as thinking your work is any good, then how are readers going to think it's any good?