Thursday, April 5, 2012

A cool anthology idea

L.D. Robwell is putting together an anthology he calls 'Mystic Punk'.

I'd explain it, but he does a far better job of it on the Indie-Go-Go page here.

Indie-Go-Go is a little bit like Kickstarter and the campaign is to pay the authors and to advertise the anthology. There are some really cool perks on offer including home made post cards and promotion for your own projects. And copies of the book, of course. I don't normally ask for money, but this is a fun project and I'd like to see it go ahead in full force. Especially as it will contain my literary (eek, yeah, I wrote something that could be called literary) urban fantasy short 'Shards of Color'. If the goal isn't met, then the book will have to be smaller and some stories may have to be left out. If it is, then Robert's going to take more submissions. Sounds good?

Okay...I need to go back to editing stories now.