Monday, February 6, 2012

Next steps?

I'm once more excited about technology. Regrowing teeth? Likely to be possible within a couple of years.

Machine assisted telepathy? Getting there, although as it currently requires invasive probes, I doubt anyone other than people who can't otherwise speak will be getting it any time soon.

Replicators? 3D scanners are improving all the time.

How about a glass keyboard that is waterproof and touch sensitive? (Possibly not a good idea for those of us who rely a lot on tactile feedback, but it sure looks sweet).

Oh, and we know now how Alzheimer's symptoms spread through the brain, which places us much closer to a treatment (probably not a *cure*) for this disease.

I think at this point everything is an engineering problem and the main obstacles in the future will be political. (Everything except FTL and time travel, and I'm not sure we want the second of those).