Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Risk and safety.

Two weeks ago I fell off a horse. Today I have raw milk cheese to eat with my lunch.

The FDA is trying once more to tighten and adjust the rules on raw milk cheese, because so many people think pasteurization is the only way to make dairy safe. They appear to have forgotten why cheese was invented.

But it all got me thinking. In fact, I wrote and submitted a story on this theme last week. Safety. We're moving more and more towards a society in which you Don't Take Risks. Don't smoke (Personally, given I'm allergic to cigarettes, I'd rather you smoked somewhere not near me). Some people have had their best friends sued into bankruptcy by their health insurance companies because they had an accident involving their friends horse, dog, bike or swimming pool. Liability waivers are seldom honored. So, yet more incentive never to do anything dangerous.

Now, to be fair, I speak out thoroughly for always using the appropriate safety gear. I would never get on a horse or a bike without the correct safety helmet and footwear. I don't swim off beaches that don't have lifeguards on duty. I take precautions. But that's different from hiding from the risk.

And as I said to my instructor right before the fall. 'If I fall off this horse, it's my own danged fault'.

But no. We won't take responsibility. And the more we push responsibility onto society the more society is going to say we can't engage in risky sports, or choose to give birth at home with a midwife, or...yeah.

So. Maybe it's time to start taking back risk. I'm going to go enjoy my cheese now.

(As a note. In theory, mobile templates are now enabled on this blog. I haven't had chance to test them yet).