Monday, April 4, 2011


I've been doing a lot of thinking. My brain's tired.

I worry that the reason I haven't had a novel published yet is because I can't write pitches. Or because I just plain suck. The temptation to go the self-published route keeps rearing its head.

But I also don't know that I am in the position, mentally and financially, to do self-publishing *right*. I think I would rather have a publisher, even if it's a small one, with no advances. Even if it's ebook I'm keeping my eyes open for all opportunities. One thing I've realized is that you have to be flexible to opportunities. Especially in marketing.

On the other hand, I worry about heavily marketing books that might never be published. Isn't that a bait and switch? I feel as if it is. But I also want to say 'Well, people *will* read my books'.

Maybe that's what the turmoil in publishing is all about. Somebody asked me which was more important: Professional validation or money.

I realized that what is really important, what matters more than anything else, is readers. Without readers, you have absolutely nothing.

So, here it is. The most important people on the planet are readers. That is, or should be, everyone. Should be. Let's work on keeping it that way. I read a rather scary short story recently just called 'Literacy'. In the distant past, literacy was low. In the distant future, will literacy be low?

Let's stave that off. Keep reading.