Monday, July 12, 2010

There's a book I've been looking for for years.

It's called the 'Iron Dragon's Daughter' by Michael Swanwick. An excerpt from it was published in Asimov's...and I've wanted to know what happens next for years. Literally years. I don't like buying books used unless they're irrevocably out of print. The library doesn't have it.

But last Christmas I found another book in the same world, 'The Dragons of Babel'. Imagine what fairyland would be like if technology there advanced as it does here. Swanwick has...and as far as I know he's the only writer to ever create Steampunk Faerie. (Please correct me if I'm wrong).

I devoured this book in a sitting. No, it's not perfect...there's one entire central section that could have been seamlessly removed without honestly affecting the rest of the story...making me wonder if Swanwick was having difficulty reaching his minimum length. His style is not for everyone, but if you like steampunk...shameless fantasy steampunk which doesn't always need to make want this book.

And while I was there, I searched 'The Iron Dragon's Daughter' on Amazon. It's being re-released! So, I'm hoping to pretty soon find out what happened next. Please. Please.

 The Dragons of Babel
The Iron Dragon's Daughter (pre-order)